Announcing Mama Maggie 2016 One Conference Keynote Speaker

The One Conference 2016 Keynote Speaker

We thank God for His great blessings and mercy upon us.  We are extremely blessed and excite to announce another guest speaker.  On Saturday, September 10, 2016  history will be made once more with our key note speaker, Mama Maggie Gobran.

Who is Mama Maggie?

Mama Maggie is a very living example of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Mama Maggie is a very living example of our Lord Jesus Christ. Mama Gobran has been hailed as “St. Maggie,” the “Mother Theresa of Egypt,” the “Mother of Cairo” and simply as “Mama Maggie.”

Mama Maggie is the lover of God’s poorest, a mother to the motherless and the servant of Christ. Mama Maggie has enormous international recognition as a Nobel Peace Prize candidate and is arguably one of the most accomplished daughters of the Coptic Orthodox Church the world has met.  An opportunity to meet a true servant of Christ often comes once in a lifetime.  If you have a true hunger for righteousness do not let this opportunity pass by.

Join us on Saturday September 10 history will be made as Orthodox Youth from all walks of life come together in our One Lord Jesus Christ in fellowship and love. Registration is only ten dollars for now.  Don’t talk the change, be the change and register today. 

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