What is The One Conference?

We are a group of believers.

First and foremost we are Christians, believers of Christ’s truth. We are Orthodox; Christians whose traditions can trace lineage back to Christ’s apostles, disciples and their teachings. A pan-representative group, our organization The One Conference International™ consists of participants from almost every Orthodox jurisdiction and we are always looking to increase. We believe in the unity of the Orthodox Christian banner, the growth of its body, and the spread of Christ’s love and message to the world at large. Our efforts are developed through works of fellowship, lives of worship, groups who support and challenge, and gatherings that show the immensity of the family in Christ that each and every Orthodox believer has.

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Past Events from The One Conference

ONE™ Presents The Spirit Retreat

WHO: Orthodox age 18+

WHERE: Greenkill YMCA, NY

HOW MUCH: $100

TOPIC: “Life of Moses – A Man of 2 Worlds”